Blue Flower

Lakewood Yoga™

in Lakewood Colorado


Monday - (Cancelled until further notice):  Yoga for Every Body  Come get your zen on! This class involves breathing exercises, deep stretches, and dynamic yoga poses designed to increase flexibility and balance, while strengthening and toning the entire body. A great class to start your week, catch your breath and re-connect. All levels


Wednesday - 10:20 - 11:25am:  Yo-Core ™  Start yourself off on the right foot by strengthening your "powerhouse" (abs, hips, pelvis, glutes)- the place from which all controlled movement is initiated. Combined yoga and Pilates exercises capitalize on efficient, effective moves to create a strong and balanced core. With focus on lengthening and toning throughout the body, this class is a great complement to any athletic and fitness pursuits. All levels


Friday - 9:20 - 10:10am:  Strength & Conditioning: Get adrenalized for the weekend with this full body class mixing cardio, weight training and gentle stretching. Utilizing everything from mini fit balls to hand weights to resistance bands, this class will help you discover muscles you never knew existed! Increase your overall strength, confidence and enthusiasm. Your heart will thank you! All levels.


Saturday -  9:00 - 10:00am:  Mind, Body, Spirit Vinyasa: Start your day with positive energy within the four corners of your mat. This class combines breath with movement in a free-flowing style to cultivate awareness of the mind and body. Great class for all levels, focusing on breath awareness, alignment, and balance. Builds strength and flexibility. All levels. 


Co-Located with RMKA Karate at:  3234 S. Wadsworth Blvd, Unit K, lakewood CO 80227 (two doors from Red Robin restaurant, on the East side of S. Wadsworth, 2 blocks north of Hampden/285).